As women, we understand exactly what your challenges are and have spent the last 20 years in the fitness and wellness industries honing our skills, compiling data and expanding our knowledge on the ways to create what we call the "Goddess Life". Goddess life is a mindset that permeates all areas of your life. It is a way of being and its primary focus is one of growth and balance. It all starts with your mindset and at The Goddess Program, we realize that many of our clients need help in realigning their thoughts to more of a growth mindset, making life lasting change possible.

Our lives have many layers and in order to understand the complexities of creating positive change, we need to address our behaviors, beliefs, and mindset. Our approach takes the guess work and doubts out of the equation by replacing it with easy methods designed to speed up your progress. Our goal is to help women all over the world connect with their power by unleashing their full potentials physically, mentally and spiritually in order to uplift the world!

Founder, C.E.O., Elan Salcedo



Elan Salcedo, mother, fearless female warrior and perpetual student of the world, has spent the last two decades on expanding her knowledge and expertise in the fitness, wellness and optimization industries. The quest for living a purposeful and meaningful life began early on as a way for her to overcome the scars left behind from an abusive childhood. After two failed marriages and a slew of disappointments, the existential question... "What is happiness and fulfillment"...? This led her on an inward path of self-discovery and growth. "I believe we all possess the answers to these questions and the possibilities to realize true happiness and fulfillment. However, the answers are definitely NOT WHAT I WAS CONDITIONED TO BELIEVE THEM TO BE"!!! "Our true purpose and happiness are intricately connected to the people live's we enrich with servitude, gratitude, appreciation, and kindness. It has nothing to do with the extravagant house you live in, the fancy car you drive or expensive wardrobe". Fulfillment comes from cultivating meaningful relationships, pursuing goals, savoring the positive and being able to bounce back when you're hit with an emotional tsunami. My mission is simple... to help women realize just how beautiful and powerful they really are, empower them to take risks, and live epic lives!

  • N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer
  • N.A.S.M. Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Nutrition Certificate
  • CAPP - Positive Psychology Practioner
  • CAPP - Bounce Back Resiliency Practioner
  • Goddess Liberator to hundreds of Women across the world


 The Goddess Team

Meet our Goddess Consultants (G.C’s), read their stories and follow their journey’s.  Many of our consultants were once clients and after joining our movement found their calling.


Goddess Consultant, Katie Roberts

As a mother of two children ages 14 and 13 months (can you believe this Goddess had a baby a little over a year ago)…, Katie is a shining example and beneficiary of The Goddess Program’s transformative powers.  When I met Katie, she had just finished completing a 12-week transformative contest she entered on bodybuilding.com.  Needless to say, I took one look at her, and it was truly love at first sight.  Something about her exuded confidence and I was instantly drawn to her energy!

She entered my office and arrived right on time… punctual and eager to begin her Goddess Assessment.  Katie was a new prospect for the program and I had scheduled her appointment the week prior after a brief introductory phone call about the program and its benefits.  Part of our screening process for the program involves a battery of questions which are designed to delve into your mindset, gauge your level of commitment to change and most importantly help you identify the reasons why you haven’t been successful in achieving your fitness and personal goals.  Katie was the perfect alumni… driven, committed with an insatiable appetite to learn.  Did I say it was love at first sight….?

Fast forward 12 weeks into the program… and Katie not only achieved her goals but managed to surpass them and became certified as a personal trainer.  Her ability to connect with people and help them understand both the mental blocks that prevent them from losing weight while motivating them to break through and shatter those barriers is amazing! I knew early on in the program, that Katie was special and working together was definitely in our cards.

Katie’s weight loss journey and fight back to fitness are extraordinary in that it was wrought with setbacks and the classic plateau syndrome.  She took on the enormous task of losing more than 70 pounds on her own and managed to change her body composition from a very high fat content to a lean, sexy trim and toned version.  In fact, when I took her on as a client, body fat loss wasn’t her goal.  She just wanted to build up her leg muscles and of course a sexy booty.  Hitting the wall while starting out on a program is extremely common, especially for postpartum moms.  Breastfeeding can inhibit fat loss in women and make the journey a little more difficult.  Her expertise in understanding the physiology and hormonal issues lactating women experience is an enormous asset for The Goddess Program and has already helped several women in identifying their temporary imbalances.  For more information regarding Katie or to schedule your Goddess Assessment, please email: katie@thegoddessprogram.com

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